New Feed Registrations Dairy and Lam Feed

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New Feed Registrations Dairy and Lam Feed:

We can finally announce the following news. After a tedious process of 3-8 years with the South African Agriculture Registration office. Have we received the first of the new products for Farmix Clients.

The following will be available from the 1 August 2015:

  • Dairy Semi Complete 16%
  • Dairy HPC 40%
  • Lamb Creep Feed

Dairy Semi Complete will be pelleted. Its a ration that will be produced with the finest quality of lucerne available on the market as roughe.

Dairy HPC 40% will be available as a standard HPC. Also as a HPC 40% standard boosted with Fishmeal. And as a HPC 40 % without NPN sources and boosted by Fishmeal protein.

Lam Creep will be a high quality pellet for young lambs. It will contain a high protein lucerne that is needed for development of the single stomach into a complete rumen with the least amount of stress on the young lam.

These products feeding information and much more can be viewed at the products information listed.

Farmix Animal Feeds is still awaiting another 11 registration. This is to provide each client a product base that can provide every client with more applicable options for each type of production unit been used by farmers.