Feed performance improvement

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Feed performance improvement by Farmix Animal Feeds Factory.

The quality of an animal feed is the first most important set point for Farmix Animal Feeds. The basis of any efficient and sustainable farming production start with products that will present the positive results needed to be economically viable and that can only be achieved by quality feed.

Farmix have been in the process the last few years to implement new production structures, improved quality feed management and processing control. This have lead to numerous performance improvements for Farmix clients. Also was there further input to push products that have been lacking for numerous years to support the various productions systems farmers utilize on there farms.

In the month of May 2015 have Farmix invested in a complete new electronic mixing system supplied by Dalein Agriplan & ESW for mixing feed. Also with this have Farmix added a new electronic premix station facility. This upgrade will improve and control the following important points in production:

  • More accurate weigh of premix products
  • Improved control over mixing consistency
  • Mold & Salmonella preventative control
  • Higher production output
  • Improved contamination control
  • Improved consistency

Farmix will strive to keep on improving its systems and targets for performance to improve feed quality and service. With this would we also except any suggestions by clients or results to improve our products and please contact the various managers regarding anything to improve our service again. Farmix have always been about producing a product with a farming understanding to its farmers. Which is unique to our various competitors.